Sonakshi Sinha Ranveer Singh Meet In Tronto

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha grooves with Ranveer Singh at TorontoThese days luck is not in Anushka Sharma’s favour. Her weekend began on a bad note and this kept getting worse.

Firstly, she had to fly to Toronto alone as Ranveer Singh was not free. Secondly, at the last moment she was replaced by Sonakshi Sinha to dance along with Ranveer at the event.

Despite her rehearsals, the organizers felt that Sonakshi was better than Anushka. The organisers stated that they did not want to take a chance as Anushka Sharma was not that well prepared.

The newbie had confessed on a television show about her crush on Ranveer Singh. She also stated that provided Ranveer is single she will love to date him.

Finally, Sonakshi Sinha gets Ranveer Singh. Things turned worse when actress Lisa Ray mispronounced Anushka’s name as Anushka Shankar.

She was immediately corrected by Karan Johar. Things changed when Ranveer after accepting the award thanked Anushka for making him hot.


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