Sonaam Kapoor is Very Stylish

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thursday was Sonam Kapoor’s birthday and like the professional actress she is, she spent the day shooting for Mausam, her upcoming film opposite Shahid Kapoor. About any chances of her being linked with Shahid, Sonam says, “Thankfully, I haven't been linked with him. I am very fond of Shahid. He’s a dear friend and a great co-star and whichever girl he ends up with will be very lucky.

Sonam’s just back from Cannes and she says that the Red Carpet experience was awesome, but when asked about foraying into Hollywood, she says, “It depends. I have always felt that it doesn’t matter what language the film is in, it depends on the role I am offered, the project, the director and the story. Of course, I would love to do something with a brilliant director.”

Recently chosen as the face of the India International Jewellery Week, we ask what jewellery means to her. “Jewellery making is an art form, there is a lot of creativity involved and it’s an excellent investment. I love emeralds, rubies, sapphires, everything. But there is a certain classic quality to diamonds and that will always be in,” she says, adding that her father Anil Kapoor is not very good when it comes to buying jewellery.

Given the few films she has done, Sonam is already in the big league when it comes it endorsements. She, however, says, “I am doing enough for myself. It is better to concentrate on a few (products) which have quality. I have always decided to endorse the best.”

When asked about which Bollywood heroine, according to her, was the most fashionable, she says, “Karishma Kapoor and Twinkle Khanna are on my list of very fashionable people. I also find Kangana Ranaut very stylish.”


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