Imran Khan wants Delhi Belly 2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Imran Khan wants Delhi Belly 2Imran Khan needs Delhi Belly 2Imran Khan, the film’s lead actor, is all for the film’s sequel. At the same time, Khan maintains that the sequel shouldn’t be rushed into. A proper script that justifies the need for a sequel should be put in place first.

“Delhi Belly ended on a note that leaves the scope for a sequel. If and when Akshat Verma (writer) and Abhinay Deo (director) come up with a script, I would love to be a part of it,” Imran says. Imran also doesn’t mind the generous use of expletives in the dialogues, which will be in the sequel as well, whenever Delhi Belly 2 is made. Presently, Imran is looking forward to the release of his next film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan with Katrina Kaif. Imran recently said that Katrina is the most hardworking actress he has worked with so far. Meanwhile, coming back to Delhi Belly 2, we’re sure opinions will be divided over whether the sequel should be made or not. So we ask you. Do you want Delhi Belly 2? Or do you think ‘shit’ shouldn’t ‘happen’ again?


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