Isha Sharvani to Marry Zaheer Khan

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Isha Sharvani Isha Sharvani to Marry Zaheer Khan?
It is being said that Zaheer Khan is all set to marry Isha Sharvani.
Reports suggest that Bollywood actress Isha Sharvani, who featured as the female lead opposite Vivek Oberoi in Subhash Ghai’s directorial venture Kisna, will soon tie the knot with one of the most eligible bachelor of India and senior member of Indian cricket team, Zaheer Khan.
Zaheer Khan may be at the top of his career as a bowler of the Indian cricket team, but being on the wrong side of 30s, his parents know that he is not getting younger and are keen that he should marry and settle down in life now. Though the parents of the member of the world cup winning team and Zaheer himself have not taken a final decision in this regard, Isha Sharvani is one of the front-runners in becoming the better half of Zaheer.

If things had gone their way, Zaheer and Isha would have got married long back. But, the two had to part ways after their five years old relation went through a bad patch in-between. But, after sorting out their differences, the two are back together and Zaheer’s family is expected to give a due consideration to Isha while choosing a wife for him.
Interestingly, whereas Isha does not reply directly to whether she is getting married to the cricket star, she also does not deny the fact that she is very close to Zaheer. The bowler on the other hand has not been available to comment due to his busy schedule off-late.
Zaheer is already having a memorable year. Will it become more memorable for him with the cricketer getting married? Moreover, will Isha be that lucky girl is yet to be seen.


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