Malaika. comes in hot and latest item bomb

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Move over, Malaika... here comes hot and latest item bomb Scarlet is the name. Scarlet Mellish Wilson. This English girl is the latest item bomb to hit Bollywood.

And according to director Dibakar Bannerjee she knows the Bollywood moves better than any desi girl. Hence her add-on presence in Dibakar Bannerjee’s Shanghai.

Apparently the original plan was to get Katrina Kaif to do the very desi very earthy item song in Shanghai.

Says a source, “Katrina is a friend of Dibakar’s. In fact he was supposed to do film with Katrina and Imran Khan. Ever since then the two have remained in touch.

There was a situation in Shanghai where an item song was required to be performed for a bunch of politicians.

Dibakar thought Katrina’s dancing abilities could be given a completely different spin. But then someone recommended Scarlet. ”

Dibakar can’t stop raving about his new item girl. “Someone recommended Scarlet for our item song. I couldn’t believe how well she danced!

Scarlet is by far one of the best dancers in the Bollywood form I’ve seen. Usually when foreigners do Bollywood dancing there’s a certain amount of stiffness in their movements. Not Scarlet. She takes to the rhythms as though she was born to the desi beat. ”

Vishal-Shekhar were assigned the task of composition.

Says Dibakar, “They’ve come up with this rocking number Imported Kamariya which we’ll be shooting with Scarlet shortly. Trust me, she will take Bollywood by storm. ”

In the meanwhile Scarlet is being kept under wraps, far away from the prying eyes of item-fixated producers in Bollywoood.

Apparently the Brit Bollywood sizzler has been convinced by contractual means to let Imported Kamariya be her launch-pad in Hindi cinema.


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